Connection Limit

Connection Limit

It enables administrators to inspect the number of established connections in real-time and to justify the maximum number of connections allowed on [Service] -> [Connection Limit] page, to avoid network congestion.

Automatic Refresh : Select auto-refresh interval, or disable the function.
No. : Numbering of IP addresses based on the number of connections established.
IP : Shows the source IP of the connection.
Connections : Shows the number of connections that are established by the source IP address and still active in system. An connection in system might be a connection with traffic flow existing or a idle connection. This number varies from connections closing to newly opened connections.
Clear : System maintains necessary tables and information for connections. Clicking the button to abort the connections established by the source IP address, and release the occupied memory then. When system is under attacks with high volumes of malicious connections, FortiWAN’s Connection Limit (See “Connection Limit”) stops subsequent connections established by the malicious IP addresses, but it takes time to recover system from the bandwidth and memory occupied by those malicious connections that are already in system. The Clear button terminates them immediately.

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