WAN Link Health Detection

WAN Link Health Detection

It shows WAN link health detection results regarding the reliability of a specific WAN connection. The data are derived based on ping results from destination IP list configurations in System > WAN Link Health Detection (See “WAN Link Health Detection”). It enables to observe the number of sent requests, number of received responses, and the success ratio for a given destination. These statistics assist administrators in further analyzing network status and user behavior.

WAN Link : The WAN link to be monitored.
Automatic Refresh : Time interval for refreshing tables.
Destination IP : The destination IP address to which ping requests will be sent.
Number of Requests : The number of requests sent to the Destination IP so far. A request indicates a ping packet if Detection Protocol is ICMP, or a TCP connection request if Detection Protocol is TCP.
Number of Replies : The number of responses received so far from the Destination IP. A reply indicates a ICMP echo reply or a time_exceed if Detection Protocol is ICMP, or a system acknowledge indicating TCP connection is established if Detection Protocol is TCP.

Both indicate the success of a single WAN link detection.

Success Ratio (%) : The percentage of responses divided by requests. The higher the percentage, the greater the reliability.

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