FortiWAN Bandwidth Management

Bandwidth Management

Bandwidth Management (BM) allocates bandwidth to applications. To secure the bandwidth of critical applications, FortiWAN Bandwidth Management (BM) defines inbound and outbound bandwidth based on traffic direction, i.e. take FortiWAN as the center, traffic flows from WAN to LAN is inbound traffic, otherwise, it is outbound traffic. No matter which direction a connection is established in, a connection must contain inbound traffic and outbound traffic. The section will mainly explain how to guarantee bandwidth based on priority settings, and how to manage inbound and outbound traffic by configuring busy/idle hours, data source/destination, and service type, etc.

Bandwidth Management consists of Classes and Filters (IPv4/IPv6). Click “Expand Link Settings” or “Collapse Link Settings” to show or hide configuration details of links and bandwidth limit.

FortiWAN provides mechanisms to record, notify and analysis on events refer to the Bandwidth Management service, see “Log”, “Statistics: Bandwidth” and “Report: Bandwidth Usage”.

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