WCCP Diagnose commands

Diagnose commands

The following get and diagnose commands are available for troubleshooting WAN optimization, web cache, explicit proxy and WCCP.


get test {wad | wccpd} <test_level>

Display usage information about WAN optimization, explicit proxy, web cache, and WCCP applications. Use <test_level> to display different information.

get test wad <test_level>

get test wccpd <test_level>



Variable                   Description

wad             Display information about WAN optimization, web caching, the explicit web proxy, and the explicit FTP proxy.

wccpd          Display information about the WCCP application.



Enter the following command to display WAN optimization tunnel protocol statistics. The http tunnel and tcp tunnel parts of the command output below shows that WAN optimization has been processing HTTP and TCP packets.

get test wad 1

WAD manager process status: pid=113 n_workers=1 ndebug_workers=0

Enter the following command to display all test options:

get test wad


WAD process 82 test usage:

1: display process status

2: display total memory usage.

99: restart all WAD processes

1000: List all WAD processes.

1001: dispaly debug level name and values

1002: dispaly status of WANOpt storages

1068: Enable debug for all WAD workers.

1069: Disable debug for all WAD workers.

2yxx: Set No. xx process of type y as diagnosis process.

3: display all fix-sized advanced memory stats

4: display all fix-sized advanced memory stats in details

500000..599999: cmem bucket stats (599999 for usage)

800..899: mem_diag commands (800 for help & usage)

800000..899999: mem_diag commands with 1 arg (800 for help & usage)

80000000..89999999: mem_diag commands with 2 args (800 for help & usage)

60: show debug stats.

61: discard all wad debug info that is currently pending

62xxx: set xxxM maximum ouput buffer size for WAD debug. 0, set back to default.

68: Enable process debug

69: Disable process debug

98: gracefully stopping WAD process

9xx: Set xx workers(0: default based on user configuration.)

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