Unknown HTTP version

Unknown HTTP version

You can select the action to take when the proxy server must handle an unknown HTTP version request or message. Set unknown HTTP version to Reject or Best Effort. Best Effort attempts to handle the HTTP traffic as best as it can. Reject treats known HTTP traffic as malformed and drops it. The Reject option is more secure.


Authentication realm

You can enter an authentication realm to identify the explicit web proxy. The realm can be any text string of up to 63 characters. If the realm includes spaces enclose it in quotes. When a user authenticates with the explicit web proxy the HTTP authentication dialog includes the realm so you can use the realm to identify the explicitly web proxy for your users.


Implementing Botnet features

The option scan-botnet-connections can be added to an explicit proxy policy.


CLI Syntax:

config firewall explicit-proxy-policy

edit <policy_id>

set scan-botnet-connections [disable|block|monitor]




  • disable means do not scan connections to botnet servers.
  • block means block connections to botnet servers.
  • monitor means log connections to botnet servers.

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