Security profiles, threat weight, device identification, and the explicit FTP proxy

Security profiles, threat weight, device identification, and the explicit FTP proxy

You can apply antivirus, data leak prevention (DLP), and SSL/SSH inspection to explicit FTP proxy sessions. Security profiles are applied by selecting them in an explicit FTP proxy policy or an authentication rule in an FTP proxy security policy.

Traffic accepted by explicit FTP proxy policies contributes to threat weight data. The explicit FTP proxy is not compatible with device identification.

Explicit FTP proxy options and SSL/SSH inspection

Since the traffic accepted by the explicit FTP proxy is known to be FTP and since the ports are already known by the proxy, the explicit FTP proxy does not use the FTP port proxy options settings.

When adding UTM features to an FTP proxy security policy, you must select a proxy options profile. In most cases you can select the default proxy options profile. You could also create a custom proxy options profile.

The explicit FTP proxy supports the following proxy options:

  • Block Oversized File and oversized file limit


The explicit FTP proxy does not support the following protocol options:

  • Client comforting


Explicit FTP proxy sessions and antivirus

For explicit FTP proxy sessions, the FortiGate unit applies antivirus scanning to FTP file GET and PUT requests. The FortiGate unit starts virus scanning a file in an FTP session when it receives a file in the body of an FTP request.

Flow-based virus scanning is not available for explicit FTP proxy sessions. Even if the FortiGate unit is configured to use flow-based antivirus, explicit FTP proxy sessions use the regular virus database.

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