Other new explicit proxy features

Other new explicit proxy features


New explicit proxy firewall address types (284753)

New explicit proxy firewall address types improve granularity over header matching for explicit web proxy policies. You can enable this option using the Show in Address List button on the Address and Address Group New/Edit forms under Policy & Objects > Addresses.


The following new address types have been added:

  • URL Pattern – destination address
  • Host Regex Match – destination address
  • URL Category – destination address (URL filtering)
  • HTTP Method – source address
  • User Agent – source address
  • HTTP Header – source address
  • Advanced (Source) – source address (combines User Agent, HTTP Method, and HTTP Header)
  • Advanced (Destination) – destination address (combines Host Regex Match and URL Category)


Disclaimer messages can be added to explicit proxy policies (273208)

Disclaimer options are now available for each explicit proxy policy or split policy of ID-based policy. This feature allows you to create user exceptions for specific URL categories (including warning messages) based on user groups.

The Disclaimer Options are configured under Policy & Objects > Explicit Proxy Policy. You can also configure a disclaimer for each Authentication Rule by setting Action to Authenticate.


Disclaimer explanations

  • Disable: No disclaimer (default setting).
  • By Domain: The disclaimer will be displayed on different domains. The explicit web proxy will check the referring header to mitigate the javascript/css/images/video/etc page.
  • By Policy: The disclaimer will be displayed ifa the HTTP request matches a different explicit firewall policy.
  • By User: The disclaimer will be displayed when a new user logs on.


Firewall virtual IPs (VIPs) can be used with Explicit Proxy policies (234974)

The explicit web-proxy will now accept VIP addresses for destination address. If an external IP matches a VIP policy, the IP is changed to the mapped-IP of the VIP.


Implement Botnet features for explicit policy (259580)

The option scan-botnet-connections has been added to the firewall explicit proxy policy.



config firewall explicit-proxy-policy edit <policyid>

set scan-botnet-connections [disable/block/monitor]




disable means do not scan connections to botnet servers. block means block connections to botnet servers. monitor means log connections to botnet servers.


Add HTTP.REFERRER URL to web filter logs (260538)

Added support for the referrer field in the HTTP header on webfilter log, this field along with others in the HTTP header are very useful in heuristic analysis /search for malware infested hosts.


Adding guest management to explicit web proxy (247566)

Allow user group with type Guest to be referenced in explicit-proxy-policy.

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