Troubleshooting resources

Troubleshooting resources

You can always check out the Fortinet GURU Forums @

Before you begin troubleshooting, you need to know Fortinet’s troubleshooting resources. Doing so will shorten the time to solve your issue. Indeed, an administrator can save time and effort during the troubleshooting process by first checking if the issue has been experienced before. Several self-help resources are available to provide valuable information about FortiOS technical issues, including:


Technical Documentation

Installation Guides, Administration Guides, Quick Start Guides, and other technical documents are available online at the following URL:


Fortinet Video Library

The Fortinet Video Library hosts a collection of video which provide valuable information about Fortinet products.


Release Notes

Issues that are uncovered after the technical documentation has been published will often be listed in the Release Notes that accompany the device.


Knowledge Base

The Fortinet Knowledge Base provides access to a variety of articles, white papers, and other documentation providing technical insight into a range of Fortinet products. The Knowledge Base is available online at the following URL:


Fortinet Technical Discussion Forums

An online technical forums allow administrators to contribute to discussions about issues related to their Fortinet products. Searching the forum can help the administrator identify if an issue has been experienced by another user. The support forums can be accessed at the following URL:


Fortinet Training Services Online Campus

The Fortinet Training Services Online Campus hosts a collection of tutorials and training materials which can be used to increase knowledge of the Fortinet products.


Fortinet Customer Support

You have defined your problem, researched a solution, put together a plan to find the solution, and executed that plan. At this point if the problem has not been solved, its time to contact Fortinet Customer Support for assistance.

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