Chapter 24 – System Administration

Chapter 24 – System Administration

This guide contains the following sections:

Using the CLI provides an overview of the command line interface (CLI) for FortiOS. If you are new to the FortiOS CLI, this chapter provides a high level overview of how to use this method of administration.

Interfaces describes the FortiGate interface options and configuration choices.

Central management describes how to configure the FortiGate unit to use FortiManager as a method of maintaining the device and other features that FortiManager has to facilitate the administration of multiple devices.

Monitoring describes various methods of collecting log data and tracking traffic flows and tends.

VLANs discusses the implementation of virtual local area networks (VLANs) in FortiOS and how to configure and use them.

PPTP and L2TP describes these virtual private network (VPN) types and how to configure them.

Session helpers describes what session helpers are and how to view and configure them.

Advanced concepts describes more involved administrative topics to enhance network security and traffic efficiency.

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