How to create a backup solution for logging

How to create a backup solution for logging

The following helps to explain how to create a log backup solution for a small network topology. This example has one FortiAnalyzer unit and a subscription to the FortiCloud Service.

1. Log in to the CLI and modify what features will be logged to the FortiAnalyzer unit as well as the settings to the default log device, the FortiGate unit’s hard drive.

By default, the FortiGate unit logs to either the system memory or hard drive, whichever is available on the

FortiGate unit. Low-end FortiGate units may have logging disabled by default.

2. In the CLI, use the config log fortianalyzer setting command to configure logging to the

FortiAnalyzer unit.

You can only configure log settings for the FortiAnalyzer unit in the CLI. Configuring to upload logs to a

FortiAnalyzer unit can be configured in both the CLI and web-based manager.

3. In the CLI, configure the settings for the Syslog server; also enable reliable syslog as well.

Reliable syslog verifies that logs are sent to the syslog server. When you enable this setting, the default port becomes port 601.

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