Enable data leak prevention

Enable data leak prevention

DLP examines your network traffic for data patterns you specify. The FortiGate unit then performs an action based on the which pattern is found and a configuration set for each filter trigger.


General configuration steps

Follow the configuration procedures in the order given. Also, note that if you perform any additional actions between procedures, your configuration may have different results.

1. Create a DLP sensor.

New DLP sensors are empty. You must create one or more filters in a sensor before it can examine network traffic.

2. Add one or more filters to the DLP sensor.

Each filter searches for a specific data pattern. When a pattern in the active DLP sensor appears in the traffic, the FortiGate unit takes the action configured in the matching filter. Because the order of filters within a sensor cannot be changed, you must configure DLP in sequence.

3. Add the DLP sensor to one or more firewall policies that control the traffic to be examined.

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