Chapter 23 – SSL VPN

Chapter 23 – SSL VPN

The following chapters are included in this document:

Introduction to SSL VPN provides useful general information about VPN and SSL, how the FortiGate unit implements them, and gives guidance on how to choose between SSL and IPsec.

Basic configuration explains how to configure the FortiGate unit and the web portal. Along with these configuration details, this chapter also explains how to grant unique access permissions, how to configure the SSL encryption key algorithm, and describes the SSL VPN OS Patch Check feature that allows a client with a specific OS patch to access SSL VPN services.

The SSL VPN client provides an overview of the FortiClient software required for tunnel mode, where to obtain the software, how to install it, and the configuration information required for remote users to connect to the internal network.

The SSL VPN web portal provides an overview of the SSL VPN web portal, with explanations of how to use and configure the web portal features.

Setup examples explores several configuration scenarios with step-by-step instructions. While the information provided is enough to set up the described SSL VPN configurations, these scenarios are not the only possible SSL VPN setups.

Troubleshooting provides some general maintenance and troubleshooting procedures for SSL VPNs.

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