Basic FortiGate Configuration On FortiOS 5.4.x

This is a short little stream of concious video relating to how I like to configure my SOHO units (smaller units) when they are new arrivals. I cover some simple things like why I setup policies the way I do etc. If you have specific video topics you would like me to cover please let me know. I want to provide what Fortinet users want.

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5 thoughts on “Basic FortiGate Configuration On FortiOS 5.4.x

  1. irfan

    If you have already DHCP in your environment then what will be the configuration in Lan and if i have a D.G which is same as my dhcp then what will be my WAN ip

    1. Mike Post author

      If you already have DHCP enabled in the environment then you will just leave DHCP disabled on the interface in question. The WAN IP of the Gate is dependent on how it is deployed overall. Would need some more details on how you are deploying things yourself to answer that one accurately.

  2. Josh

    Hi Mike,
    I believe I read that you only need to create policies for outgoing services as all incoming services are blocked by default with the exceptions you initiate first. Am I correct?


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