Multiple link failures

Multiple link failures

Every time a monitored interface fails, the cluster repeats the processes described above. If multiple monitored interfaces fail on more than one cluster unit, the cluster continues to negotiate to select a primary unit that can provide the most network connections.


Example link failover scenarios

For the following examples, assume a cluster configuration consisting of two FortiGate units (FGT_1 and FGT_2) connected to three networks: internal using port2, external using port1, and DMZ using port3. In the HA configuration, the device priority of FGT_1 is set higher than the unit priority of FGT_2.

The cluster processes traffic flowing between the internal and external networks, between the internal and DMZ networks, and between the external and DMZ networks. If there are no link failures, FGT1 becomes the primary unit because it has the highest device priority.


Sample link failover scenario topology


Example the port1 link on FGT_1 fails

If the port1 link on FGT_1 fails, FGT_2 becomes primary unit because it has fewer interfaces with a link failure. If the cluster is operating in active-active mode, the cluster load balances traffic between the internal network (port2) and the DMZ network (port3). Traffic between the Internet (port1) and the internal network (port2) and between the Internet (port1) and the DMZ network (port3) is processed by the primary unit only.


Example port2 on FGT_1 and port1 on FGT_2 fail

If port2 on FGT_1 and port1 on FGT_2 fail, then FGT_1 becomes the primary unit. After both of these link failures, both cluster units have the same monitor priority. So the cluster unit with the highest device priority (FGT_1) becomes the primary unit.

Only traffic between the Internet (port1) and DMZ (port3) networks can pass through the cluster and the traffic is handled by the primary unit only. No load balancing will occur if the cluster is operating in active-active mode.

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