Viewing your FortiGate’s NP4 configuration

Viewing your FortiGate’s NP4 configuration

To list the NP4 network processors on your FortiGate unit, use the following CLI command.

get hardware npu np4 list

The output lists the interfaces that have NP4 processors. For example, for a FortiGate-5001C:

get hardware npu np4 list

ID   Model        Slot      Interface

0    On-board                port1 port2 port3 port4

fabric1 base1 npu0-vlink0 npu0-vlink1

1    On-board                port5 port6 port7 port8

fabric2 base2 npu1-vlink0 npu1-vlink1


NP4lite CLI commands (disabling NP4Lite offloading)

If your FortiGate unit includes an NP4Lite processor the following commands will be available:

Use the following command to disable or enable NP4Lite offloading. By default NP4lite offloading is enabled. If you want to disable NP4Lite offloading to diagnose a problem enter:

diagnose npu nplite fastpath disable

This command disables NP4Lite offloading until your FortiGate reboots. You can also re-enable offloading by entering the following command:


diagnose npu nplite fastpath enable

NP4lite debug command. Use the following command to debug NP4Lite operation:

diagnose npl npl_debug {<parameters>}

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