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Synchronizing the firmware build running on a new cluster unit

Synchronizing the firmware build running on a new cluster unit

If the firmware build running on a FortiGate unit that you add to a cluster is older than the cluster firmware build, you may be able to use the following steps to synchronize the firmware running on the new cluster unit.

This procedure describes re-installing the same firmware build on a cluster to force the cluster to upgrade all cluster units to the same firmware build.

Due to firmware upgrade and synchronization issues, in some cases this procedure may not work. In all cases it will work to install the same firmware build on the new unit as the one that the cluster is running before adding the new unit to the cluster.


To synchronize the firmware build running on a new cluster unit

1. Obtain a firmware image that is the same as build already running on the cluster.

2. Connect to the cluster using the web-based manager.

3. Go to the System Information dashboard widget.

4. Select Update beside Firmware Version.

You can also install a newer firmware build.

5. Select OK.

After the firmware image is uploaded to the cluster, the primary unit upgrades all cluster units to this firmware build.

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