Interface monitoring (port monitoring)

Interface monitoring (port monitoring)

Fortinet suggests the following practices related to interface monitoring (also called port monitoring):

  • Wait until a cluster is up and running and all interfaces are connected before enabling interface monitoring. A monitored interface can easily become disconnected during initial setup and cause failovers to occur before the cluster is fully configured and tested.
  • Monitor interfaces connected to networks that process high priority traffic so that the cluster maintains connections to these networks if a failure occurs.
  • Avoid configuring interface monitoring for all interfaces.
  • Supplement interface monitoring with remote link failover. Configure remote link failover to maintain packet flow if a link not directly connected to a cluster unit (for example, between a switch connected to a cluster interface and the network) fails. See Remote link failover.



The following sections in this document contain troubleshooting information:

  • FGCP configuration examples and troubleshooting on page 1354
  • Troubleshooting virtual clustering on page 1448
  • Troubleshooting full mesh HA on page 1463
  • FortiGate VM for Hyper-V HA configuration on page 1568

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