HA interface monitoring, link failover, and 802.3ad aggregation

HA interface monitoring, link failover, and 802.3ad aggregation

When monitoring the aggregated interface, HA interface monitoring treats the aggregated link as a single interface and does not monitor the individual physical interfaces in the link. HA interface monitoring registers the link to have failed only if all the physical interfaces in the link have failed. If only some of the physical interfaces in the link fail or become disconnected, HA considers the link to be operating normally.

HA MAC addresses and 802.3ad aggregation if a configuration uses the Link Aggregate Control Protocol (LACP) (either passive or active), LACP is negotiated over all of the interfaces in any link. For a standalone FortiGate unit, the FortiGate LACP implementation uses the MAC address of the first interface in the link to uniquely identify that link. For example, a link consisting of port1 and port2 interfaces would have the MAC address of port1.

In an HA cluster, HA changes the MAC addresses of the cluster interfaces to virtual MAC addresses. An aggregate interface in a cluster acquires the virtual MAC address that would have been acquired by the first interface in the aggregate.

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