Monitor FortiClient connections

Monitor FortiClient connections

The following FortiOS CLI command lists information about connected clients. This includes domain-related details for the client (if any).

diagnose endpoint record-list Record #1:

IP_Address =

MAC_Address = b0:ac:6f:70:e0:a0

Host MAC_Address = b0:ac:6f:70:e0:a0

MAC list = b0-ac-6f-70-e0-a0;

VDOM = root

Registration status: Forticlient installed but not registered

Online status: offline

DHCP on-net status: off-net

DHCP server: None

FCC connection handle: 6

FortiClient version: 5.1.29

AVDB version: 22.137

FortiClient app signature version: 3.0

FortiClient vulnerability scan engine version: 1.258

FortiClient feature version status: 0

FortiClient UID: BE6B76C509DB4CF3A8CB942AED2064A0 (0)

FortiClient config dirty: 1:1:1

FortiClient KA interval dirty: 0

FortiClient Full KA interval dirty: 0

FortiClient server config: d9f86534f03fbed109676ee49f6cfc09:: FortiClient config: 1

FortiClient iOS server mconf:

FortiClient iOS mconf:

FortiClient iOS server ipsec_vpn mconf: FortiClient iOS ipsec_vpn mconf:

Endpoint Profile: Documentation

Reg record pos: 0 Auth_AD_groups:




OS_Version: Microsoft Windows 7 , 64-bit Service Pack 1 (build 7601) Host_Description: AT/AT COMPATIBLE Domain:

Last_Login_User: FortiClient_User_Name Host_Model: Studio 1558 Host_Manufacturer: Dell Inc.

CPU_Model: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7 CPU Q 720 @ 1.60GHz

Memory_Size: 6144

Installed features: 55 Enabled features: 21

online records: 0; offline records: 1

status — none: 0; uninstalled: 0; unregistered: 1; registered: 0; blocked: 0

Roaming clients (multiple redundant gateways)

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