Install FortiClient as part of cloned disk images

Install FortiClient as part of cloned disk images

If you configure computers using a cloned hard disk image, you need to remove the unique identifier from the FortiClient application. You will encounter problems with FortiGate if you deploy multiple FortiClient applications with the same identifier.

This section describes how to include a custom FortiClient installation in a cloned hard disk image but remove its unique identifier. On each computer configured with the cloned hard disk image, the FortiClient application will generate its own unique identifier the first time the computer is started.

To include a FortiClient installation in a hard disk image:

  1. Install and configure the FortiClient application to suit your requirements. You can use a standard or a customized installation package.
  2. Right-click the FortiClient icon in the system tray and select Shutdown FortiClient.
  3. From the folder where you expanded the file, run RemoveFCTID.exe. The RemoveFCTID tool requires administrative rights.
  4. Shut down the computer.

Do not reboot the Windows operating system on the computer before you create the hard disk image. The FortiClient identifier is created before you log on.

  1. Create the hard disk image and deploy it as needed.

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