How To Upgrade FortiGate Firmware

This is my first ever custom video so please take it easy on me. I get nervous and tend to ramble but I hit the high points. These videos will become very frequent and obviously the quality of the presentation will improve as I get more comfortable and in the groove. Anyways, here is a video that explains how to upgrade your Fortinet FortiGate to a newer version of firmware.

Something to consider: I didn’t mention this in the video but you need to verify you can upgrade to your destination Firmware from the version of code you currently have loaded. Sometimes, changes are drastic enough that you have to “step” your upgrade process. An example of this would be you have 5.2.3 loaded and you want to go to 5.2.8. You can’t do this until you have at least 5.2.6 loaded so you have to upgrade to 5.2.6 THEN upgrade to 5.2.8. These requirements are listed in the release notes so be sure to read those for your Firmware Version!

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