FortiGate-500D fast path architecture

FortiGate500D fast path architecture

The FortiGate-500D includes one NP6 processor connected to eight 1Gb SFP interfaces (port1-port8) and eight 1Gb RJ-45 Ethernet ports (port9-16).






You can use the following get command to display the FortiGate-500D NP6 configuration. The command output shows one NP6 named NP6_0 and the interfaces (ports) connected to it. You can also use the diagnose npu np6 port-list command to display this information.


get hardware npu np6 port-list

Chip  XAUI Ports  Max  Cross-chip

Speed offloading

—— —- ——- —– ———- np6_0 0

1   port10 1G   Yes

1   port9  1G   Yes

1   port12 1G   Yes

1   port11 1G   Yes

1   port14 1G   Yes

1   port13 1G   Yes

1   port16 1G   Yes

1   port15 1G   Yes

1   port5  1G   Yes

1   port7  1G   Yes

1   port8  1G   Yes

1   port6  1G   Yes

1   port3  1G   Yes

1   port4  1G   Yes

1   port1  1G   Yes

1   port2  1G   Yes



—— —- ——- —– ———-

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