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Carrier Endpoint Block

A carrier endpoint defines a specific client on the carrier network. Typically the client IP address is used to identify the client, however on a carrier network this may be impractical when the client is using a mobile device. Other identifying information such as the MSIDSN number is used instead.

This information can be used to block a specific endpoint on the network. Reasons for blocking may include clients whose accounts have expired, clients from another carrier, clients who have sent malicious content (phishing, exploits, viruses, etc), or other violations of terms of use.


Enabling carrier endpoint blocking

To enable carrier endpoint blocking you first need to create a carrier endpoint filter list, and then enable it.

To enable carrier endpoint blocking – web-based manager

1. Create a carrier endpoint filter list.

2. Go to Security Profiles > MMS Profile.

3. Select Create New, or select an existing profile to edit and select Edit.

4. Expand MMS Scanning.

5. Select one or more types of MMS messaging to enable endpoint blocking on.

6. Select the carrier endpoint filter list to use in matching the endpoints to be blocked.

In MMS Profile, endpoints can only be blocked.


Create a carrier endpoint filter list

A carrier endpoint filter list contains one or more carrier endpoints to match. When used in MMS scanning entries in the filter list that are matched are blocked.

You can configure multiple filter lists for different purposes and groups of clients, such as blocking clients, clients with different levels of service agreements, and clients from other carriers. See Carrier endpoint filter lists configuration settings.

To create a carrier endpoint filter list – web-based manager

1. Go to Security Profiles > Carrier Endpoint Filter Lists.

2. Select Create New.

3. Enter a descriptive name for the filter list, such as blocked_clients or CountryX_clients, and select OK.

4. Select Create New to add one or more entries to the list.

5. Select OK to return to display the list of filter lists.

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