How FortiOS Carrier processes MMS messages

How FortiOS Carrier processes MMS messages

MMS messages can be vectors for propagating undesirable content such as spam and viruses. FortiOS Carrier can scan MMS messages sent using the MM1, MM3, MM4, and MM7 content interfaces. You can configure FortiOS Carrier to scan MMS messages for spam and viruses by configuring and adding MMS protection profiles and adding the MMS protection profiles to security policies. You can also use MMS protection profiles to apply content blocking, carrier endpoint filtering, MMS address translation, sending MMS notifications, DLP archiving of MMS messages, and logging of MMS message activity.


FortiOS Carrier MMS processing

FortiOS Carrier can send MMS messages to senders informing those senders that their devices are infected. FortiOS Carrier can also send MMS notifications to administrators to inform them of suspicious activity on their networks.

For message floods and duplicate messages, FortiOS Carrier does not send notifications to message senders but does send notifications to administrators and sends messages to sender handsets to complete MM1 and MM4 sessions.


Where MMS messaging uses the TCP/IP set of protocols, SMS text messaging uses the Signaling System Number 7 (SS7) set of protocols, which is not supported by FortiOS.

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