FML my hand hurts

So about 10 years ago (August 18, 2006) I wrecked the shit out of my motorcycle on the interstate. In an effort to prevent my face from become road gravy I had my hands pushed out in front of me in order to elevate my face and torso. This worked wonders for saving my pretty face but wrecked the mess out of my palms. I got the steel brush treatment while biting wood (even though I was incredibly high on morphine). Thought all was well. Wounds healed up decently and I had some relative scarring. (no broken bones though some how, which is great considering I hit the pavement at 70 MPH). I had this bump on my right palm that always felt like a rock or piece of gravel. Never thought about it. Figured my body would push it out if that were the case.

Fast forward ten years. My hand sometimes gets sensitive like a slight paper cut in the area where the bump is. This is normal and doesn’t bug me. Yesterday, my hand became very agitated and tender. Today, the pain is radiating through my hand and up my arm. The culprit is that little piece of shit in my palm. Anyways, I get to go to the surgeon on Thursday to get a consultation to see about cutting whatever it is and whatever is surrounding it out.

Moral of the story, go to the damn doctor if something isn’t 100%. My doc thinks it is a neuroma which is just a tumor of nerve cells. Normally this is benign but shit, I’m nervous anyways. Oh well!

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