Configuring content-based antispam protection

Configuring content-based antispam protection


To apply content-based antispam protection – CLI

config webfilter content

edit <filter_table_number>

set name <filter_table_name>

config entries

edit <phrase or regexp you want to block>

set action {block | exempt}

set lang <phrase language>

set pattern-type {wildcard | regexp}

set score <phrase score>

set status {enable | disable}

end end


Configuring sender notifications

When someone on the MMS network sends an MMS message that is blocked, in most cases you will notify the sender. Typically an administrator is notified in addition to the sender so action can be taken if required. There are two types of sender notifications available in FortiOS Carrier: MMS notifications, and Replacement Messages.


MMS notifications

MMS notifications to senders are configured in Security Profiles > MMS Profile, under MMS Notifications. In this section you can configure up to four different notification recipients for any combination of MM1/3/4/7 protocol MMS messages. Also for MM7 messages the message type can be submit.REQ or deliver.REQ. Useful settings include:

  • delay in message based on notification type
  • limit on notifications per second to prevent a flood
  • schedules for notifications
  • log in details for MM7 messages.

For more information on MMS notifications, see Notifying message flood senders and receivers and MMS Notifications.


Replacement messages

Replacement messages are features common to both FortiOS and FortiOS Carrier, however FortiOS Carrier has additional messages for the MMS traffic.

While each MMS protocol has its own different rec placement messages, the one common to all MMS protocols is the MMS blocked content replacement message. This is the message that the receiver of the message sees when their content is blocked.


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