Moving a policy route

Moving a policy route

A routing policy is added to the bottom of the routing table when it is created. If you prefer to use one policy over another, you may want to move it to a different location in the routing policy table.

The option to use one of two routes happens when both routes are a match, for example and If both of these routes are in the

policy table, both can match a route to but you consider the second one as a better match. In that case the best match route should be positioned before the other route in the policy table.

To change the position of a policy route in the table, go to Router > Static > Policy Routes and select Move

To for the policy route you want to move.

Before/AfteSelect Before to place the selected Policy Route before the indicated route.

Select After to place it following the indicated route.

Policy route ID   Enter the Policy route ID of the route in the Policy route table to move the selected route before or after.


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