Custom FortiAnalyzer Report To See Blocked URLs for a Category

Ian on Fortinet’s forums asked a good question. You can see the question below:


I want to create a report that allows me to select a category and then to list all the activity for users where the URLS match that category. For example a report that lists user name, source IP, date time, url for the “Explicit Violence” category.

I have had a look at the datasets but my SQL coding is not to good 🙁

Has anyone tried this or any tips on what I need to do.



This is an awesome question and would be an incredible report to have right? Well, CrisP replied with an incredible solution to this issue.

Hello Ian,
I hate unanswered questions on a forum like this…
So here you have my two pennies on this.

Create a new dataset using
from_dtime(dtime) as timestamp, user_src, catdesc, hostname as website,
action as status, sum(bandwidth) as bandwidth
select coalesce(nullifna(`user`), ipstr(`srcip`)) as user_src,
dtime, catdesc, hostname, utmaction as action,
sum(coalesce(sentbyte, 0)+coalesce(rcvdbyte, 0)) as bandwidth
from $log-traffic
where $filter and
hostname is not null and
logid_to_int(logid) not in (4, 7, 14) and ((logver>=52 and countweb>0)
((logver is null) and utmevent in (‘webfilter’, ‘banned-word’, ‘web-content’,
‘command-block’, ‘script-filter’)))
group by user_src, dtime, catdesc, hostname, utmaction
order by dtime desc
)### t
group by user_src, dtime, catdesc, website, status
order by dtime desc
(slightly modified from default dataset called “web-Detailed-Website-Browsing-Log”)
then build a new chart using the dataset, and a report using that chart.

Use a filter specifying the categories you want to detail in the Advanced settings of the report.

Now, if you really need the URLs, the story becomes quite ugly. You could see the post called “URL field” in this forum.
Best regards and good luck



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