Cloud Access Security Inspection (CASI)

Cloud Access Security Inspection (CASI)

This feature introduces a new security profile called Cloud Access Security Inspection (CASI) that provides support for fine-grained control on popular cloud applications, such as YouTube, Dropbox, Baidu, and Amazon. The CASI profile is applied on a policy much like any other security profile.

Unfortunately CASI does not work when using Proxy-based profiles for AV or Web fil- tering for example.

Make sure to only use Flow-based profiles in combination with CASI on a specific policy.


For this feature, Deep Inspection of Cloud Applications (set deep-app-inspection [enable|disable]) has been moved out of the Application Control security profile options.

You will find the Cloud Access Security Inspection feature under Security Profiles > Cloud Access Security

Inspection, but you must first enable it in the Feature store under System > Feature Select > CASI.

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One thought on “Cloud Access Security Inspection (CASI)

  1. Alfredo

    I have configured my policies to use proxy mode (AV, Webfiltering, application control on my FSSO groups so how could I configure CASI to work correctly if I am using proxy mode.
    So should I create separate policies on my FSSO groups but only allowing CASI on those policies?
    I would like to be able to use CASI but What would be the work around if I use proxy mode all over?



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