Accelerated session filtering on All Sessions page

Accelerated session filtering on All Sessions page

By default, on a FortiGate unit with NP6 processors, when you enable traffic logging in a firewall policy this also enables NP6 per-session accounting. If you disable traffic logging this also disables NP6 per-session accounting. This behavior can be changed using the following command:

config system np6 edit np6_0

set per-session-accounting {disable | all-enable | enable-by-log}


By default, per-session-accounting is set to enable-by-log, which results in per-session accounting being turned on when you enable traffic logging in a policy. This configuration is set separately for each NP6 processor.

When offloaded sessions appear on the FortiView All Sessions console they include an icon identifying them as

NP sessions:

np sessions

You can hover over the NP icon to see some information about the offloaded sessions. You can also use a FortiASIC Filter to view just the accelerated sessions.

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