FortiCarrier Web Based Manager Settings

Duplicate message configuration settings

View duplicate messages in Security Profiles > Carrier > Duplicate Message.

Duplicate Message

Lists duplicates of messages that were sent to you.

Removes a message from the list.

To remove multiple duplicate messages from within the list, on the

Message Flood page, in each row of the messages you want removed,

Delete select the check box and then select Delete.

To remove all duplicate messages from the list, on the Message Flood page, select the check box in the check box column and then select Delete.

Page Controls                        Use to navigate through the list.
Remove All Entries                 Removes all duplicate messages from the list.
Protocol                                 Either MM1 or MM4
Profile                                    The MMS profile that logs the detection.
Checksum                             The checksum of the MMS message.
Either flagged or blank. Flagged means that the actions defined in the

Status                                   MMS profile are taken. For more information, see “MMS bulk email filtering


Count                                    Displays the number of messages in the last window of time.
The period of time during which a message flood will be detected if the

Window Size (minutes)

Message Flood Limit is exceeded.

Timer (minutes:seconds)        Either the time left in the window if the message is unflagged, or the time until the message will be unflagged if it is already flagged.

Carrier Endpoint Filter Lists

A carrier endpoint filter list contains carrier endpoint patterns. A pattern can match one carrier endpoint or can use wildcards or regular expressions to match multiple carrier endpoints. For each pattern, you select the action that the unit takes on a message when the pattern matches a carrier endpoint in the message. Actions include blocking the message, exempting the message from MMS scanning, and exempting the message from all scanning. You can also configure the pattern to intercept the message and content archive the message to a FortiAnalyzer unit.

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