Installing Firmware

Installing firmware

Fortinet periodically releases FortiMail firmware updates to include enhancements and address issues. After you have registered your FortiMail unit, FortiMail firmware is available for download at

Installing new firmware can overwrite antivirus and antispam packages using the versions of the packages that were current at the time that the firmware image was built. To avoid repeat updates, update the firmware before updating your FortiGuard packages.

New firmware can also introduce new features which you must configure for the first time.

For information specific to the firmware release version, see the Release Notes available with that release.

In addition to major releases that contain new features, Fortinet releases patch releases that resolve specific issues without containing new features and/or changes to existing features. It is recommended to download and install patch releases as soon as they are available.

Before you can download firmware updates for your FortiMail unit, you must first register your FortiMail unit with Fortinet Technical Support. For details, go to or contact Fortinet Technical Support.

This section includes:

  • Testing firmware before installing it
  • Installing firmware
  • Clean installing firmware

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