FortiSwitch Standalone Mode Administration Guide


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This guide contains information about the administration of a FortiSwitch unit in standalone mode. In standalone mode, a FortiSwitch is managed by connected directly to the unit, either using the web-based manager (also known as the GUI) or the CLI.

If you will be managing your FortiSwitch unit using a FortiGate, please see the guide Managing a FortiSwitch unit with a FortiGate.

Supported Models

This guide is for all FortiSwitch models that are supported by FortiSwitchOS. This includes the following models:

FortiSwitch-28C, FortiSwitch-108D-POE, FortiSwitch-124D, FortiSwitch-124D-POE,

FortiSwitch Rugged-124D, FortiSwitch-224D-POE, FortiSwitch-324B-POE,

FortiSwitch-348B, FortiSwitch-448B, FortiSwitch-1024D, FortiSwitch-1048D, and


Before You Begin

Before you start administrating your FortiSwitch unit, it is assumed that you have completed the initial configuration of the FortiSwitch unit, as outlined in the QuickStart Guide for your FortiSwitch model and have administrative access to the FortiSwitch unit’s web-based manager and CLI.

How this Guide is Organized

This guide is organized into the following chapters:

  • System Settings contains information about the initial configuration of your FortiSwitch unit.
  • Ports contains information on configuring your FortiSwitch’s ports.
  • 1x contains information on using 802.1x protocol.
  • LACP Mode contains information on using a FortiSwitch in Link Aggregation Control Protocol (LACP) mode.
  • TACACS contains information on using TACACS authetication with your FortiSwitch unit.
  • Power over Ethernet contains information on using Power over Ethernet (PoE) with your FortiSwitch.

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