Configuring Centralized Administration

Configuring centralized administration

Maintenance > System > Central Management lets you use a FortiManager unit to manage your FortiMail unit’s configuration and firmware.

The latest FortiManager releases support centralized management of FortiMail v3.0 MR4 and

MR5 releases. For FortiMail v4.0 releases, centralized management will be supported in FortiManager v4.2 and later releases. Refer to FortiManager release notes for details about supported FortiMail versions. For information on configuring a FortiManager unit to manage or provide services to your other Fortinet brand devices, see the FortiManager Administration Guide.

To access this part of the web UI, your administrator account’s:

  • Domain must be System
  • access profile must have Read-Write permission to the Others category

For details, see “About administrator account permissions and domains” on page 290.

To configure centralized administration

  1. Go to Maintenance > System > Central Management.

Figure 94:Central Management tab

  1. Configure the following:
GUI item Description
Enable central management Enable to use a FortiManager unit to manage FortiMail configuration revisions and firmware. For details, see “Backing up your configuration using a FortiManager unit” on page 221 and “Restoring the firmware” on page 222.

If the FortiManager unit is not configured to automatically register new devices, you must also add the FortiMail unit to the

FortiManager unit’s device list. For details, see the FortiManager Administration Guide.

IP Enter the IP address of the FortiManager unit.
Allow automatic backup of configuration on logout If enabled, and if the FortiMail unit’s configuration has changed, the FortiMail unit will send a configuration backup to the FortiManager unit when the FortiMail administrator logs out of the web UI.

Alternatively or in addition to this option, configuration backups can also be performed manually. For details, see “Backup and restore” on page 218.

Allow configuration updates initiated by the management server If enabled, the FortiMail unit accepts configuration connections from the FortiManager unit.

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