Viewing Generated Reports

Viewing generated reports

The Report tab displays the list of reports generated from the report profiles. You can delete, view, and/or download generated reports.

FortiMail units can generate reports automatically, according to the schedule that you configure in the report profile, or manually, when you select a report profile and click Generate. For more information, see “Configuring report profiles and generating reports” on page 676.

To access this part of the web UI, your administrator account’s:

  • Domain must be System
  • access profile must have Read-Write permission to the Others category

For details, see “About administrator account permissions and domains” on page 290.

To view and generate reports

  1. Go to Monitor > Report > Report.

Figure 87:Report tab

GUI item Description
Delete (button) Click to delete the selected item.


Click to create a PDF version of the report.
Report File Name Lists the name of the generated report, and the date and time at which it was generated.

For example, Report 1-2008-03-31-2112 is a report named Report 1, generated on March 31, 2008 at 9:12 PM.

To view an individual section of the report in HTML format, click + next to the report name to expand the list of HTML files that comprise the report, then double-click one of the file names.

Last Access Time Lists the date and time when the FortiMail unit completed the generated report.
Size Lists the file size of the report in HTML format, in bytes.
  1. To view the report in PDF file format, mark the check box in the corresponding row and click On the pop-up menu, select Download PDF.
  2. To view the report in HTML file format, you can view all sections of the report together, or you can view report sections individually.
  • To view all report sections together, mark the check box in the row corresponding to the report, such as treportprofile-2011-06-27-1039, then click Download and select Download HTML. Your browser downloads a file with an archive (.tgz.gz) file extension to your management computer. To view the report, first extract the report files from the archive, then open the HTML files in your web browser.
  • Each Query Selection in the report becomes a separate HTML file. You can view the report as individual HTML files. In the row corresponding to the report that you want to view, click + next to the report name to expand the list of sections, then double-click the file name of the section that you want to view, such as html. The report appears in a new browser window.

Figure 88:Viewing a generated report (HTML file format, Mail by Sender)

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