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So, I run in to a lot of situations when deploying, managing, or troubleshooting various Fortinet devices. I am going to be posting about them here. Along with those issues and items that I find personally entertaining or troublesome though are the issues of the community as a whole. The Fortinet main site has a support forum where the community can discuss the issues they are experiencing and the possible work around solutions.

This community is great in that a lot of users find solutions to their issues. The fall back, though, is the lack of true technical break down as to WHY the issues are occurring. I am going to skim through the site and find situations that I find interesting (and hopefully you do to) and go into the question, the solutions, and the why for both. Hopefully, this will help make the Fortinet community have a little more knowledge that makes the vendors a little more capable.

One of the main reasons Fortinet is pushing this NSE training partner rewards incentive so hard is because the VAR’s (Value Added Resellers) are really good at pushing the product but are incapable of completing the deployments! Hopefully, this site will help in that regard.

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