Monitoring The System

System Resource widget

The System Resource widget displays the CPU, memory, and disk space usage. It also displays the system load and current number of IP sessions.

To view the widget, go to Monitor > System Status > Status. If the widget is not currently shown, click Add Content, and mark the check box for the widget.

The system resources history can also be viewed in this widget. The system resources history contains four graphs. Each graph displays readings of one of the system resources: CPU, memory, IP sessions, and network bandwidth usage. Each graph is divided by a grid.

  • Horizontal axis: Indicates time, with each grid square representing approximately three seconds. The most recent time is towards the right side of the graph.
  • Vertical axis: Indicates the usage level, with each grid square representing one-fifth (20%) of either the:
  • maximum possible usage (CPU Usage History and Memory Usage History), or
  • number of units currently in the upper left corner of the graph; this number of units is not constant, but instead scales to more clearly show trends at higher or lower levels of usage, such as scaling from 100 kilobits per second (Kbps) to 1 megabit (Mbps) (Session History and Network Utilization History)

Greater usage levels are towards the top of the graph.

  • Red line: Indicates the usage level of that resource over the previous 60 seconds.

If you do not initially see the red line in a graph, look at the bottom edge of the graph. If the system resource usage is very low, such as when the CPU is idle, the red line may coincide with the bottom edge of the graph.

To view the system resources history, go to Monitor > System Status > Status, then, in the System Resource widget, click History >>. To return to the current system resources, click the Refresh icon on the widget’s title bar.

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