DMZ Setup On FortiGate 92D

So I went through my FortiGate and created a guest wireless for my PC Troubleshooting little side business. The last thing I want is their malware infested machines giving my home or work computers the crud. I also took this time to jump in and get my DMZ setup for my webserver that I am going to host off my business line.

Those of you that remember, I have 2 internet connections coming into my FortiGate 92D. I have a charter personal line that gives me 135/5 (man I wish they could get that upload up) and a business line with static IP through charter as well that gives me 100/7 (again, I need more upload ugh).

Either way, things are going swimmingly. I’m going to make some videos to help get my home network more up to par and to explain and show what I am doing. I figured you would like something like that.

I just wanted to provide that little tid bit of information. I will eventually provide a VISIO of my network at the house (sanitized of course).

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