Disable SSL VPN Portal

If you are in an environment where you want to make sure that the SSL VPN portal page does NOT show that is fine. You can use the following command to disable the SSL VPN Portal page of a FortiGate

Config VPN SSL Settings
Set sslvpn-enable disable

This is commonly used when you are wanting to accept only IPSec tunnels etc to your device. I usually just leave mine up and customize the page to look cool and creative but that is me!

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5 thoughts on “Disable SSL VPN Portal

  1. It appears this command does not work on a FortGate 60D

    set sslvpn-enable disable

    command parse error before ‘sslvpn-enable’
    Command fail. Return code -61

    • What version of FortiOS are you running?

      • Hi Mike-

        I know this is an old post, but how do you disable in 5.6.3. PCI Compliance scanning is picking up on the SSL and failing the scan because of the self signed certificate.

        • heya,
          you can use CLI command to unset the listening interface

          • Unfortunately doesn’t seem to work anymore:
            Please set source-interface in vpn.ssl.settings as some of the authentication rules do not have source-interface.

            object check operator error, -2007, discard the setting

            Command fail. Return code -2007

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