FortiAnalyzer 5.4.2 Release Notes

Change Log Date Change Description 2016-12-14 Initial release of 5.4.2. 2016-12-15 Added 400028 to Known Issues and 389255 and 383563 to Resolved Issues. Noted that FortiAnalyzer supports Microsoft Hyper-V 2016 in the FortiAnalyzer VM Firmware section.   Introduction This document provides the following information for FortiAnalyzer version 5.4.2 build 1151: l Supported models l What’s […]

Advanced logging

Advanced logging This section explains how to configure other log features within your existing log configuration. You may want to include other log features after initially configuring the log topology because the network has either outgrown the initial configuration, or you want to add additional features that will help your network’s logging requirements.   The […]

Best Practices: Log management

Best Practices: Log management When the FortiGate unit records FortiGate activity, valuable information is collected that provides insight into how to better protect network traffic against attacks, including misuse and abuse. There is a lot to consider before enabling logging on a FortiGate unit, such as what FortiGate activities to enable and which log device is […]