FortiWLC – QoS Statistics Display Commands

QoS Statistics Display Commands Displaying Phone/Call Status To display the active SIP phones that have registered with a SIP server, use the show phones command. Controller(15)# show phones MAC                 IP               AP ID AP Name         Type Username            Server           Transport   00:01:3e:12:24:b5    3     QoS‐Lab         sip  100   udp          Phone Table(1 entry) Controller(15)# To display the active […]

FortiWLC – Global QoS Settings

Global QoS Settings Global QoS parameters configure settings that determine call quality on a global level. These settings allow you to fine tune Call Admission Control (CAC), client load balancing, bandwidth scaling, and time-to-live settings. You can configure the following global quality-of-service parameters: TABLE 27: Global Quality-of-Service Parameters Command Purpose qosvars admission { admitall | […]