Internet service configuration (405518)

Internet service configuration (405518) To make the CLI configuration of Internet service configuration more intuitive, the settings for Internet service in Explicit Web proxy are closer to those in the Firewall police. An Internet service enable switch has been added to the Explicit Web proxy with the same text description as the Firewall policy. CLI: […]

Firewall (5.6) New firewall features added to FortiOS 5.6. Optimization of the firewall Service cache (355819) In order to improve the efficiency and performance of the firewall Service cache, the following improvements have been made: The logic behind the structure of the cache has been simplified. Instead of storing ranges of port numbers, we store […]

Firewall (5.6.1)

Firewall (5.6.1) New firewall features added to FortiOS 5.6.1. Improvement to NAT column in Policy List Display (305575) The NAT column in the listing of Policy can provide more information than before. Previously the field for the policy in the column only showed whether NAT was Enabled or Disabled. With the new improvements, not only […]

Explicit web proxy (5.6)

Explicit web proxy (5.6) New explicit web proxy features added to FortiOS 5.6. Explicit proxy supports multiple incoming ports and port ranges (402775, 398687) Explicit proxy can now be configured to listen on multiple ports on the same IP as well as listen for HTTP and HTTPS on those same (or different) ports. Define the […]