FortiWAN IPSec set up

IPSec set up After basic concept of IPSec introduced previously, this section focus on the introduction of FortiWAN’s IPSec and the configurations to set up FortiWAN’s IPSec. FortiWAN provides a complete VPN solution through the cooperation of Tunnel Routing and IPSec. FortiWAN’s Tunnel Routing is used to build a site-to-site VPN with bandwidth aggregation and […]

FortiWAN IPSec

IPSec FortiWAN’s IPSec VPN is based on the standard two-phase Internet Key Exchange (IKE) protocol, and two communication modes: tunnel mode and transport mode. IPSec is one of the popular standards for establishing a site-to-site VPN network. It contains the tunneling technology and strict security mechanisms. Different from the tunneling of IPSec VPN, FortiWAN’s Tunnel […]