Deny Policies

Deny Policies Deny security policies deny traffic that is coming into the network. The FortiGate unit automatically blocks traffic that is associated with a deny security policy. Deny security policies are usually configured when you need to restrict specific traffic, for example, SSH traffic. Deny security policies can also help when you want to block […]

Security Policy 0

Security Policy 0 Any security policy that is automatically added by the FortiGate unit has a policy ID number of zero (0). The most common reasons the FortiGate unit creates this policy is: The IPsec policy for FortiAnalyzer (and FortiManager version 3.0) is automatically added when an IPsec connection to the FortiAnalyzer unit or FortiManager […]

Local-In Policies

Local-In Policies On the FortiGate unit, there are a number of protocols and traffic that is specific to the internal workings of FortiOS. For many of these traffic sources, you can identify a specific port/IP address for this self-originating traffic. The following traffic can be configured to a specific port/IP address: SNMP l Syslog l […]


GUI and CLI Now in FortiGate, there are two places that IPS can be enabled, in a firewall policy and in an interface policy. In the firewall policy implementation, IPS sensor can be configured in both CLI and GUI. When adding an IPS sensor to an interface policy it must be done through the CLI. […]

FortiOS 5.6.3 Release Notes

Change Log Date Change Description 2017-12-05 Initial release. 2017-12-07 Added 443203 to Resolved Issues. Added 463211 to Known Issues. Moved 452384 from Known Issues to Resolved Issues. Deleted Internet Explorer version 11 from Product Integration and Support. 2017-12-08 Added 443870 to Resolved Issues. Added caution to Upgrade Information > Upgrading to FortiOS 5.6.3.     […]

FortiOS 5.4.7 Release Notes

Introduction This document provides the following information for FortiOS 5.4.7 build 1167: l Special Notices l Upgrade Information l Product Integration and Support l Resolved Issues l Known Issues l Limitations See the Fortinet Document Library for FortiOS documentation. Supported models FortiOS 5.4.7 supports the following models. FortiGate FG-30D, FG-30E, FG-30D-POE, FG-50E, FG-51E, FG-60D, FG-60D-POE, […]