FortiAuthenticator 4.0 Setup

Setup For information about installing the FortiAuthenticator unit and accessing the CLI or GUI, refer to the Quick Start Guide provided with your unit. This chapter provides basic setup information for getting started with your FortiAuthenticator device. For more detailed information about specific system options, see System on page 23. The following topics are included […]

FortiAuthenticator 4.0 Introduction

Introduction The FortiAuthenticator device is an identity and access management solution. Identity and access management solutions are an important part of an enterprise network, providing access to protected network assets and tracking user activities to comply with security policies. FortiAuthenticator provides user identity services to the Fortinet product range, as well as third party devices. […]

What’s new in FortiAuthenticator 4.0

What’s new in FortiAuthenticator 4.0 FortiAuthenticator 4.0 includes a host of new and expanded features designed to make it more robust and versatile than ever before, while maintaining ease of use. New features include: Captive portal guest management – Social and MAC address authentication Social Wifi authentication allows FortiAuthenticator to utilize third-party user identity methods […]

FortiGate 6040E

In case you guys haven’t heard the news yet, Fortinet has released the FortiGate 6040E. This is a pretty handy firewall that helps Enterprise organizations achieve the level of UTM/NGFW functionality they need without having to spend obscene amounts of money on hardware capable. This device is substantially stronger, has modified management capabilities and can […]


Reports FortiAnalyzer units can analyze information collected from the log files of managed log devices. It then presents the information in tabular and graphical reports that provide a quick and detailed analysis of activity on your networks. To reduce the number of reports needed, reports are independent from devices, and contain layout information in the […]

Event Management

Event Management In the Event Management tab you can configure events handlers based on log type and logging filters. You can select to send the event to an email address, SNMP community, or syslog server. Events can be configured per device, for all devices, or for the local FortiAnalyzer. You can create event handlers for […]

FortiSwitch Standalone Mode Administration Guide

Introduction Welcome and thank you for selecting Fortinet products for your network configuration. This guide contains information about the administration of a FortiSwitch unit in standalone mode. In standalone mode, a FortiSwitch is managed by connected directly to the unit, either using the web-based manager (also known as the GUI) or the CLI. If you […]


FortiView The FortiView tab allows you to access both FortiView drill down and Log view menus. FortiView in FortiAnalyzer collects data from FortiView in FortiGate. In order for information to appear in the FortiView dashboards in FortiGate, disk logging must be selected for the FortiGate unit. Select the FortiView tab and select the ADOM from […]