WiFi Automatic all-SSID selection in FortiAP Profile (219347) The SSID field in FortiAP Profiles now includes the option Automatically assign Tunnel-mode SSIDs. This eliminates the need to re-edit the profile when new SSIDs are created. You can still select SSIDs individually using the Select SSIDs option. Automatic assignment of SSIDs is not available for FortiAPs […]


VDOMs Stackable VDOM licenses (269153) Using this feature you can purchase VDOM licenses for your FortiGate in multiples of 5 and increase the number of VDOM licenses that your FortiGate has incrementally over time. For example, you could add a 5 VDOM license to a 25 VDOM license and your FortiGate would now support up to […]


SSL VPN Significant SSL VPN web portal improvements (287328, 292726, 299319) Significant updates and improvements have been made to the SSL VPN web portal in preparation for future browser updates, and in order to support all browsers: SSL VPN web portal redesigned. SSL VPN tunnel mode widget no longer works in the web portal.The tunnel […]

Security Profiles

Security Profiles FortiClient Endpoint Profile improvements and new features (285443 275781 287137) 275781: New options available in FortiClient Profiles. 285446: VPN can be configured on the GUI either on IPsec VPN or SSL–VPN and changes can be preserved. 287137: In the Mobile tab, .mobileconfig files can be configured and Client VPN Provisioning can be enabled. […]