H.323 and RAS session helpers (h323 and ras)

H.323 and RAS session helpers (h323 and ras) The H.323 session helper supports secure H.323 voice over IP (VoIP) sessions between terminal endpoints such as IP phones and multimedia devices. In H.323 VoIP networks, gatekeeper devices manage call registration, admission, and call status for VoIP calls. The FortiOS h323 session helper supports gatekeepers installed on […]

H.245 session helpers (h245I and h245O)

H.245 session helpers (h245I and h245O) H.245 is a control channel protocol used for H.323 and other similar communication sessions. H.245 sessions transmit non-telephone signals. H.245 sessions carry information needed for multimedia communication, such as encryption, flow control jitter management and others. FortiOS includes two H.245 sessions helpers, h245I which is for H.245 call in […]

Session helpers

Session helpers The FortiOS firewall can analyze most TCP/IP protocol traffic by comparing packet header information to security policies. This comparison determines whether to accept or deny the packet and the session that the packet belongs to. Some protocols include information in the packet body (or payload) that must be analyzed to successfully process sessions […]