Explicit Proxy Concepts

Explicit Proxy Concepts The following is information that is specific to Explicit Proxy concepts. Any information that is common to Web Proxy in general is covered in the more inclusive section of Web Proxy Concepts on page 301 The FortiGate explicit web proxy You can use the FortiGate explicit web proxy to enable explicit proxying […]

Web Proxy Configuration

Web Proxy Configuration General web proxy configuration steps You can use the following general steps to configure the explicit web proxy. To enable the explicit web proxy – web-based manager: Go to Network > Explicit Proxy and enable Explicit Web Proxy. From here you can optionally change the HTTP port that the proxy listens on […]

Web Proxy Concepts

Web Proxy Concepts These are concepts that apply to both Transparent and Explicit Proxy. Proxy Policy Information on Proxy policy options can be found at Proxy Option Components on page 58 Configuration information can be found at Web Proxy Configuration on page 309 Proxy Authentication Beginning in FortiOS 5.6, authentication is separated from authorization for […]

Troubleshooting WCCP

Troubleshooting WCCP Two types of debug commands are available for debugging or troubleshooting a WCCP connection between a FortiGate unit operating as a WCCP router and its WCCP cache engines. Real time debugging The following commands can capture live WCCP messages: diag debug en diag debug application wccpd <debug level> Application debugging The following commands […]

WCCP Messages

WCCP Messages When the WCCP service is active on a web cache server it periodically sends a WCCP HERE I AM broadcast or unicast message to the FortiGate unit operating as a WCCP router. This message contains the following information: Web cache identity (the IP address of the web cache server). l Service info (the […]

Configuring the forward and return methods and adding authentication

Configuring the forward and return methods and adding authentication The WCCP forwarding method determines how intercepted traffic is transmitted from the WCCP router to the WCCP cache engine. There are two different forwarding methods: GRE forwarding (the default) encapsulates the intercepted packet in an IP GRE header with a source IP address of the WCCP […]

WCCP packet flow

WCCP packet flow The following packet flow sequence assumes you have configured a FortiGate unit to be a WCCP server and one or more FortiGate units to be WCCP clients. A user’s web browser sends a request for web content. The FortiGate unit configured as a WCCP server includes a security policy that intercepts the […]