Web filter – Fortinet FortiGate

Web filter This section describes FortiGate web filtering for HTTP traffic. The three main parts of the web filtering function, the Web Content Filter, the URL Filter, and the FortiGuard Web Filtering Service interact with each other to provide maximum control over what the Internet user can view as well as protection to your network […]

Custom Application & IPS Signatures

Custom Application & IPS Signatures Creating a custom IPS signature The FortiGate predefined signatures cover common attacks. If you use an unusual or specialized application or an uncommon platform, add custom signatures based on the security alerts released by the application and platform vendors. You can add or edit custom signatures using the web-based manager […]

FortiGate 6040E

In case you guys haven’t heard the news yet, Fortinet has released the FortiGate 6040E. This is a pretty handy firewall that helps Enterprise organizations achieve the level of UTM/NGFW functionality they need without having to spend obscene amounts of money on hardware capable. This device is substantially stronger, has modified management capabilities and can […]

FGSP now supports synchronizing IPsec sessions

FGSP now supports synchronizing IPsec sessions The FGSP now synchronizes IPsec tunnels between FortiGates in an FGSP configuration. IPsec tunnel synchronization synchronizes keys and other run time data between the FortiGates in an FGSP configuration. No additional configuration is required to synchronize IPsec sessions. Also you cannot disable IPsec session synchronization.

Firewall local-in policies are supported for the dedicated HA management interface

Firewall local-in policies are supported for the dedicated HA management interface To add local in polices for the dedicated management interface, enable ha-mgmt-inft-only and set intf to any. Enabling ha-mgmt-intf-only means the local-in policy applies only to the VDOM that contains the dedicated HA management interface. config firewall local-in-policy edit 0 set ha-mgmt-intf-only enable set […]