Vulnerability Scan

Vulnerability Scan FortiClient includes an Vulnerability Scan module to check your workstation for known system vulnerabilities. You can scan on-demand or on a scheduled basis. This feature is disabled by default and the tab is hidden for standalone clients. For users who are registered to a FortiGate using endpoint control, the FortiGate administrator may choose […]


IPsec VPN and SSL VPN FortiClient supports both IPsec and SSL VPN connections to your network for remote access. You can provision client VPN connections in the FortiClient Profile or configure new connections in the FortiClient console. This section describes how to configure remote access. Add a new connection Select Configure VPN in the FortiClient […]

Application Firewall

Application Firewall FortiClient can recognize the traffic generated by a large number of applications. You can create rules to block or allow this traffic per category, or application. In FortiClient, the application firewall feature is enabled in the FortiClient Profile. The profile includes application firewall configuration. The FortiClient Endpoint Control feature enables the site administrator […]


Antivirus This chapter includes the following sections: l FortiClient Antivirus l Antivirus logging l Antivirus options l Endpoint control FortiClient Antivirus FortiClient includes an antivirus module to scan system files, executable files, removable media, dynamic-link library (DLL) files, and drivers. FortiClient will also scan for and remove rootkits. In FortiClient, File Based Malware, Malicious Websites, […]

End Point Management

Endpoint Management The purpose of this section is to provide basic instructions on how to configure, deploy, and manage FortiClient configurations from your FortiGate device or EMS. Configure endpoint management With FortiClient 5.4 and newer, configuration and management of endpoints can be handled by a FortiGate device or FortiClient EMS. You can configure your FortiGate […]

FortiClient 5.4.0 Administration Guide – Introduction

Introduction FortiClient is an all-in-one comprehensive endpoint security solution that extends the power of Fortinet’s Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) to end user devices. As the endpoint is the ultimate destination for malware that is seeking credentials, network access, and sensitive information, ensuring that your endpoint security combines strong prevention with detection and mitigation is critical. […]