Viewing The Greylist Statuses

Viewing the greylist statuses The Greylist submenu lets you monitor automatic greylisting exemptions, and email currently experiencing temporary failure of delivery due to greylisting. Greylisting exploits the tendency of legitimate email servers to retry email delivery after an initial temporary failure, while spammers will typically abandon further delivery attempts to maximize spam throughput. The greylist […]

Monitoring The System

Monitoring the system The Monitor menu displays system usage, mail queues, log messages, reports, and other status-indicating items. It also allows you to manage the contents of the mail queue and quarantines, and the sender reputation and endpoint reputation scores. This section includes: Viewing overall system statuses Managing the deferred mail queue Managing the quarantines […]

Backing Up the Configuration

Backing up the configuration Once you have tested your basic installation and verified that it functions correctly, create a backup. This “clean” backup can be used to: troubleshoot a non-functional configuration by comparing it with this functional baseline rapidly restore your installation to a simple yet working point The following procedures only produce a backup […]

Testing The Installation

Testing the installation After completing the installation, test it by sending email between legitimate SMTP clients and servers at various points within your network topology. If the FortiMail unit is operating in gateway mode or transparent mode, you may also wish to test access of email users to their per-recipient quarantined email. If the FortiMail […]