FortiCarrier Web Based Manager Settings

Carrier web-based manager settings The Carrier menu provides settings for configuring FortiOS Carrier features within the Security Profiles menu. These features include MMS and GTP profiles. In Security Profiles > Carrier, you can configure profiles and settings for MMS and GTP. In the Carrier menu, you can configure an MMS profile and then apply it […]

FortiCarrier Introduction

Introduction FortiOS Carrier provides all the features found on FortiGate units plus added features specific to carrier networks. These features are explained in this document and include dynamic profiles and groups, Multimedia messaging service (MMS) protection, and GPRS Tunneling Protocol (GTP) protection. This chapter contains the following sections: Before you begin l How this guide […]

Custom FortiClient Installations

Custom FortiClient Installations The FortiClient Configurator tool FortiClient is the recommended method of creating customized FortiClient installation files. You can also customize which modules are displayed in the FortiClient dashboard in the FortiClient Profile. This will allow you to activate any of the modules at a later date without needing to re-install FortiClient. Any changes […]

FortiClient Settings

Settings This sections describe the available options in the settings menu. Backup or restore full configuration To backup or restore the full configuration file, select File > Settings from the toolbar. Expand the System section, then select Backup or Restore as needed. Restore is only available when operating in standalone mode. When performing a backup […]