Cluster members list

Cluster members list To display the cluster members list, go to System > HA. The cluster members list displays illustrations of the front panels of the cluster units. If the network jack for an interface is shaded green, the interface is connected. Hover the mouse pointer over each illustration to view the cluster unit host […]

Linux FortiClient Download

Just a heads up, a lot of people only deal with one specific operating system in their environments (Fortinet dumps a lot of their investment into the development of Windows applications because of the market share). Just in case you haven’t found it, Fortinet provides downloads to the Mac OS and Linux OS FortiClient applications […]

Clusters and SNMP

Clusters and SNMP You can use SNMP to manage a cluster by configuring a cluster interface for SNMP administrative access. Using an SNMP manager you can get cluster configuration and status information and receive traps. You configure SNMP for a cluster in the same way as configuring SNMP for a standalone FortiGate unit. SNMP configuration changes […]

Clusters and logging

Clusters and logging This section describes the log messages that provide information about how HA is functioning, how to view and manage logs for each unit in a cluster, and provides some example log messages that are recorded during specific cluster events. You configure logging for a cluster in the same way as you configuring […]

Clusters and FortiGuard services

Clusters and FortiGuard services This section describes how various FortiGate HA clustering configurations communicate with the FDN. In an operating cluster, the primary unit communicates directly with the FortiGuard Distribution Network (FDN). Subordinate units also communicate directly with the FDN but as described above, all communication between subordinate units and the FDN is routed through […]